About Us

Mission Statement

Health Advance, Inc. is dedicated to providing value through quality, innovation, development, and growth of  pharmecutical products derived from an integration of organic and conventional product formulations. Our mission is to improve patient health, provide clinical practices with diversified therapeutic treatment options, and reduce the cost of harmful side effects of drugs on the healthcare system. 

Company Overview

Health Advance, Inc. is a publicly held Wyoming corporation, trading under ticker symbol OTC Pink: HADV, operating as a distributor of cost-effective conventional pharmaceutical products and GRAS (Generally Referred to as Safe) regulated medical foods that contain botanical extract blends in efforts to treat cancer, epilepsy, PTSD, and other severe illnesses, working in cooperation with international dietary supplement and pharmaceutical developers.

Corporate Management

Dr. Muhammad Mukhtar, Ph.D, Interim CEO

Dr. Muhammad Mukhtar Ph.D. has served as a professor at the American University of Ras Al Khaimah (AURAK), United Arab Emirates. Before his arrival at AURAK, he served as Vice Chancellor/Professor of three Universities in Pakistan concomitantly – a unique honor for any academic leader. Through his wise academic leadership and innovative governance, he converted a regional higher education institution in Pakistan to one of the top-ranked in the country. Dr. Mukhtar received his Masters and MPhil in the field of Biochemistry from Pakistan and his Ph.D. in biosciences from the Drexel University of Philadelphia, USA, and also completed a Graduate Certificate in Research Management from Thomas Jefferson University in Philadelphia, USA. He served in various academic/administrative positions in the USA on an outstanding scientist (O-1) visa.Dr. Mukhtar is also an avid researcher. His laboratory developed an in-vitro model of the human blood-brain barrier to study viral neuropathogenesis. Dr. Mukhtar as Principal or Co-Investigator has received several awards from organizations including American Diabetes Association, American Society for Microbiology, Diabetes Trust Foundation, US National Institutes of Health, Pfizer Pharmaceuticals (NYSE: PFE), and the Higher Education Commission of Pakistan. Human blood-brain barrier model developed in his laboratory is extensively used to understand ferrying of viruses into the brain and finding cures for neurological ailments.
Dr. Mukhtar holds specialized Certificates in Public Health and Bioinformatics. Committed to the role of technology in biomedical research, he serves as managing editor of Frontiers in Bioscience and is on the editorial board of several research journals. He feels pride in mentoring researchers, scientists, teachers and administrators and committed professionals aspiring to excel in their practical life. He has several research publications, including peer-reviewed research, review articles, invited articles, book chapters, commissioned articles and critiques to his credit. A book describing accomplishments of Dr. Mukhtar's educational leadership has been published in Urdu language entitled "Hayat Zauq e Safar Kay Siwa Kuch Aur Naheen" and it's English Version "The Making of a Best National University" is in progress.

Dr. Hauke Kolster, Ph.D, Vice President

Dr. Kolster is an innovative scientist and engineer with outstanding quantitative and analytical skills. Technically versed professional with progressive experience in coordinating projects as well as working in cross-functional teams in multiple disciplines. A goal oriented individual who excels in problem-solving and managing complex projects with strict timelines amid multiple stakeholders.Since 2012 Dr. Kolster has owned and operated Windmiller Kolster Scientific in California offering scientific and research consulting, technology and software for the neuroimaging sector. Supported leading neuroscientific research groups at top domestic and international universities. Previously Dr. Kolster served as a Research Assistant Professor at KU Leuven Medical School (Leuven) and Research Assistant Professor at Department of Neuroscience since 2007.Dr. Kolster's professional training includes research fellowship program at Harvard Medical School, in addition to working as a senior post-doctoral associate at Massachusetts Institute of Technology at Cambridge.Dr. Kolster studied and graduated at LMU Munich, Munich for his Ph.D. and Bonn University (Bonn, Germany) for a master's degree in physics.